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Since its founding in 1870, Orange City’s citizens have focused on building a thriving community based on big dreams and a vision for the future.

When other small towns across America have struggled to stay afloat, Orange City has prospered, with a population growth of nearly 6% this past decade—one of the few counties in the Midwest with substantial population growth.

Orange City boasts two school systems with growing enrollment (approximately 2,000 students K-12), plus a 1,300-population four-year liberal arts college that has been recently recognized as the second-best baccalaureate college in the nation.* A strong commitment to quality education results in over 30% of adults here holding a college or graduate degree.

Orange City has a strong arts culture. From theatre to music, dance to fine art, this community enthusiastically embraces and supports the arts year-round. Weekly concerts and events in Windmill Park draw hundreds of people of all ages to Main Street throughout the summer months. A renowned theatre department at Northwestern College attracts people from throughout the area, while the Orange City Arts Council sponsors performances with broad regional appeal.

Orange City is also very proud of its Dutch heritage. It’s part of what distinguishes our community as a “destination” in northwest Iowa. A charming, European “village” atmosphere serves as the backdrop for an annual three-day Tulip Festival that draws 100,000+ visitors each May … many of whom come back to further enjoy the quaint shopping, unique dining, outstanding recreation (including a nationally-recognized golf course), and year-long entertainment options.

Orange City is a safe, nurturing, family-friendly community in the healthiest county in Iowa.**

And we are healthy in many ways. Our businesses are thriving. Our unemployment is low. Our aspirations are high.

*Based on Northwestern College’s commitment to social mobility, service, and research.

**Sioux County is the healthiest county in Iowa, according to the County Health Rankings by the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


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