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How To Price My Home?

Competitive pricing is essential. When you price your home too high, it stays on the market longer and increasing your expenses along the way.

Seller Mistake #1: Price is too HIGH!

“I can lower the price later if I don't get any showings or offers.”  That statement has cost home sellers millions of dollars every year.

You sure can lower your asking price, but that’s not a good approach.

Experience shows that sellers who list competitively from the start get a better price than sellers who list high and then continue to lower and lower the price.


When you price too high, buyers may think you are trying to hide something:

Most of the time they think... "Let's offer them far below what they’re asking and see if they bite.”

Pricing Strategies

A far smarter approach is to allow your agent to do a CMA (comparative market analysis) and then work together on setting the right price. You must avoid overpricing.

Two things when determining price mostly...

Similar homes, via a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): Your agent will provide a professional analysis that goes into statistics about recent sales and current active listings similar to your home. Sold homes within the past six months are best.

Market conditions: Is it a seller's market or a buyer's market? It's important to research what's happening nationally and may not reflect your local market conditions. Your agent will be helpful here as well, afterall they are the REALTOR®.

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Sioux Center is growing so fast! We are finding that families are moving here for a variety of different reasons and we would like to share just a few with you. Small town feel with the big city

Darla Van't Hul Sales Associate (Real Estate Agent)

Darla Van't Hul

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Western Christian High School


The mission of Western Christian High School is to provide God-centered secondary education to young men and women using the Bible and its principles as the foundation for the total curriculum.

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Darla Van't Hul Sales Associate (Real Estate Agent)

Darla Van't Hul

Sales Associate


Boyden-Hull Community Schools


Boyden-Hull students will learn the basics of education and will be provided with beneficial technology and expansive career opportunities. They will be encouraged to participate in community service,

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