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Should I Buy A Home Inspection?

Buyers should definitely get a home inspection but guess what... sellers too should seriously consider one before putting their house on the market.

Why? You don't know what you cant see or have knowledge of.  Imagine getting a great offer on your home only to discover, during the middle of the process, that it needs considerable and costly repairs.

This is the kind of surprise that can lead to buyers pulling out of the offer , costing you time and money. It’s better to know problems from the start.

A seller's inspection also provides a reference point if the buyers inspector finds something your inspector might have missed. It can work to your advantage in price negotiations.

The Home inspection is a tool

Use the home inspection as a sales tool so you can confidently say that your home has been pre-inspected and is in tip-top shape.

You want some time to make the needed repairs so hire that home inspector before you start marketing your home for sale.

Home Inspection

Find out when your inspector will be at the home and go to it. You may learn some important details about the house that may assist you in selling.

Attending your inspection:

You may find yourself crawling under and behind things to see what the inspector is pointing out so wear comfortable attire. The home inspection may take 2 - 3 hours and feel free to ask questions.

Checklist for Sellers before the home inspection:

Make sure the areas around the main appliances are free of clutter such as water heater, furnace and main valves and kitchen appliances.

Clean up! A clean house shows you care and that you've maintained the property properly.

Make sure they will have access to the attic, basement, crawl space and garage. Leave the keys if they're needed to enter these areas.

If you've done any remodeling, exterior work, replaced the roof, furnace or electrical system, provide the paperwork that says it was done. 

Leave utilities connected if your house is vacant.

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